Welcome to Our Blog!

Welcome to Our Blog!

Welcome to our blog! I suppose that’s a fitting way to greet you all with our inaugural post.

A blog has been something we’ve contemplated for a few years… and then a few years more… and then a few more bringing us to current day 2018. And today seems like as good of a jump off point as ever, right? Kind of like a face tattoo. You give it a few years of consideration and then just kind of do it.

We hope our blog provides you with useful content; sometimes witty, sometimes clever, but always light hearted and informative. One of the unique things you’ll see, well technically read, is the diversity of our content. As a full time home builder and interior design firm – it gives us plenty of unique content opportunities to share each week. I might write about construction site walks – and their critical importance to the home building process. Or, maybe key things to look for if you’re looking to build a spec home or flip a house. And the next week our lead designer Stephanie Shortridge might be showing off a behind the scenes peek at the latest interior design plans coming together for an upcoming project. Or perhaps trends we’re seeing within the interior design community? Long story short… we’re ready to serve you up a warm plate of fresh content each and every week. So, thanks again for stopping by our blog. We hope you enjoy it.

Post number 1 is done.


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