From Bubble Diagram to Home

From Bubble Diagram to Home

I’ve always been fascinated with the creative process behind a home… the dreaming, the thinking, the planning, and ultimately getting to privilege to construct it. Subsequently I really enjoy the entire pre-construction process – architecture, site planning, grading and drainage, interior design, landscape concepts, etc. I find every aspect of pre-construction equally as important to the next and find myself getting drawn in to the details.

One of my favorite processes to be a part of is architecture and getting a front row seat to watch it all slowly unfold and in the end become a cohesive set of city approved building plans.

On this custom client build we worked with Milos Minic of Integrated Design as architect. Milos is an incredibly talented guy and has a strong creative value add. Below is a series of shots I snagged over the months of pre-construction to show the progression of architecture as a bubble diagram became a home.

It all starts with a bubble diagram… consider this the first meeting.
Starting to better define space…
Pursuing alternative concepts along the way…
Beginning to site plan…
Hello CAD! I love hand drawings, but CAD helps better define and clarify space.
And the inevitable redlines and adjustments made along the way..
After months and months of planning and permitting, we finally get the opportunity to fulfill the creative process and build!
Cheers to rear elevations that look just as good as front elevations!
And all the tranquil spaces dreamed up and created along the way.

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